Because a good highlight video is important for college recruitment

Recruiting Videos and Highlight Videos

What will a recruiting video do for my player?
As high school lacrosse coaches, we work with a lot of college coaches and we’ve asked them the same question. There answer is simple. It highlights your player’s skills and gives the collegiate recruiters an idea about his or her level of ability from a team and individual standpoint. Based on what they see, recruiters then make the decision to come see your player in person, either at a high school game or a travel tournament. Recruiters then have their own methods of evaluating, interviewing, and sizing up a player. But, the process often starts with the highlight reel that will get you noticed by a recruiter. It’s a foot in the door, so to speak.

Ballistic Sports Group knows what it takes to make a college recruiter notice you. We have met with recruiters specifically to learn what they want to see in a video. Not only that, we are coaches not just video geeks…so we know what it is that coaches look for in a highlight reel (and it generally isn’t what you parents and players think they want to see). Our production method will help you stand out from the crowd. We are pleased to say that all the players we have created videos for have, in fact, received scholarship offers. We’d like to think it has at least a little to do with our video highlight reels!

Recruiting Videos
Ballistic Sports Group will either use footage you provide or, if you are in the Southwest Florida area, will film games for you. We use high definition equipment for filming and for production.

All Recruiting Video packages include:
Film review to locate best plays for video footage Film editing, graphics, and player isolation Player bio slide
Player contact slide
Player interview (if provided, or we are filming) 3 DVDs with custom covers
Online Videostreaming on YouTube


  • Bronze $375
    The above items using player provided game footage (at least 3 games preferred)
  • Silver $550
    The above items and Ballistic Sports Group films 2 games of player and a player interview
  • Gold $625
    The above items and Ballistic Sports Group films 3 games of player and a player interview
    $75 for each additional game filmed
    $10 for each additional DVD with custom cover


Highlight Videos
Ballistic Sports Group understands sometimes you don’t need a recruiting video, you just want a highlight video to remember those youth or high school days on the field, rink or court. That’s why we create custom highlight videos. They are like a snapshot in time—but moving! We use your film footage and photos to create a keepsake that lets you share and relive those special moments. Whatever the sport, and whatever the age —youth sports, high school, college or even adult leagues—we can capture the excitement and make you feel as though you are reliving those times all over again. If you are in the Southwest Florida area and want us to film your player, we can do that too!

Package Includes:
Film and photo editing, graphics, music
1 DVD with custom cover
Online Videostreaming on YouTube (optional)


  • Highlight Video $225
    The above items using customer provided photos and game/event footage with timesheet of player appearances.
  • $75 for each game/event (up to 1 hour) filmed by Ballistic Sports Group
  • $10 for each additional DVD with custom cover

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