Corona Virus Lacrosse Update


Lee County Parks and Recreation is scheduled to release a statement on team use of fields. No one, even park workers, is entirely sure what the new directives will be. There is a trend around the state and nation to allow non-contact sports but hold off on contact activities until July. We will see shortly!

We’ve been talking to other travel programs and no one is really sure what to expect this summer. While there are a couple of tournaments that set dates for play, there doesn’t seem to be a rush to sign up. With no fields to practice on, few travel programs want to commit to a tournament. There is also the issue of money. With so many people out of work, money is tight.  

As soon as we are able to get on a field, Ballistic will organize some pickup games so the boys can get sticks in their hands again. If it becomes available, we will get some indoor games scheduled. We are at the whim of the virus and the government/community’s reaction to it. Of primary importance is maintaining the health of our players and their families. We will not do anything that could risk getting our players or parents sick! Much as we want to play (and coach), risking exposure and the possible complications of COVID-19 to our players, parents, grandparents, and friends, is not wise.

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Our Mission Statement

Ballistic Sports Group, Inc., is a non-profit boys and girls travel and recreational lacrosse club in SW Florida, focusing on teaching individual players team fundamentals and skills improvement, through Summer and Fall travel programs, Spring recreational programs, skills clinics and private lessons. Our mission is to develop better overall lacrosse players. Players will learn plays as well as the mechanics of the game; the Why’s & How’s of lacrosse. Playing time will be earned by effort and skill level. We do not care what team you play for or what you have done in the past.  We expect every player to take their existing skills to new levels while learning additional skills that make them more valuable to whatever team they play for. Every player on the team has a role and will be expected to execute that role as best they can while developing additional skills.

In addition to skills development, we assist high school players with college recruitment by providing team stat pages and individual player bio and stat pages on our website, discussing players with college recruiters and providing letters of recommendations. We also offer recruiting videos for an additional fee.


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