Ballistic Sports Group, Inc., is a non-profit boys and girls travel and recreational lacrosse club in SW Florida, focusing on teaching individual players team fundamentals and skills improvement, through Summer and Fall travel programs, Spring recreational programs, skills clinics and private lessons. Our mission is to develop better overall lacrosse players. Players will learn plays as well as the mechanics of the game; the Why’s & How’s of lacrosse. Playing time will be earned by effort and skill level. We do not care what team you play for or what you have done in the past.  We expect every player to take their existing skills to new levels while learning additional skills that make them more valuable to whatever team they play for. Every player on the team has a role and will be expected to execute that role as best they can while developing additional skills.

In addition to skills development, we assist high school players with college recruitment by providing team stat pages and individual player bio and stat pages on our website, discussing players with college recruiters and providing letters of recommendations. We also offer recruiting videos for an additional fee.